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- Concerned Ratepayers Ask Mayor and Council Questions

In September 2011, the Dunnottar Ratepayers Association began receiving enquiries and concerns regarding sewer costs in Dunnottar.

In addition to general lack of information available from Council, ratepayers were puzzled by Council's pursuit of a low pressure sewer system, when in 2006 they recommended against such a system. Ratepayers were also perplexed how Council could conclude a referendum conducted in 2006 could be considered reflective of community support in 2011.

  • In 2006 Dunnottar Council Sewage Advisory Committee determined that low pressure sewer systems should not be pursued due to high capital and operating costs.
  • In 2006 Dunnottar Council was pursuing a 'gravity sewer system' with provincial and federal governments funding from 50% to 66% of cost.
  • Why in 2011 is there no federal government support for a sewer?
  • Why in 2011 is the provincial government prepared to provide only 23% when they could provide up to 30%?
  • Why in 2012 with only 23% provincial funding is Council pursuing a 'low pressure sewer system' with residents expected to pay the remainder?

In response the Dunnottar Ratepayers Association wrote a letter to Dunnottar Mayor and Council requesting answers to concerns raised by ratepayers:

Why is the 2006 Sewer Referendum seen by Council as support for a low pressure sewer system in 2012?

Is Council considering a new sewer referendum because of the design change?

In light of major system design change, costly connection fees, outdated/non-binding referendum, lack of funding, and no proof that sewers will help Lake Winnipeg, why is Council pursuing a sewer system?

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(See page 2, section 5)

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