Wednesday, June 3, 2020


June 2nd - The Public Hearing that Never Was
A Confirmation of Mayor and Council's
Lack of Respect for Residents' Time, Effort and Concern

Last April, Council held two information sessions on the proposed sewer and borrowing by-law at the Greenwood Inn (Winnipeg) and Matlock Recreation Centre (Dunnottar). At these sessions a document was provided to residents entitled the 'Sewer System Proposal Timeline'. The document intended to inform residents of Council s timeline for moving forward with the borrowing bylaw through to construction of the low pressure sewer system. Click here to see Council s original timeline.

Although not obvious from the document, residents were to be provided with an opportunity to raise concerns directly with Mayor and Council at the Public Hearing scheduled for Saturday June 2, 2012.

On May 25, 2012 with less than 7 business days in advance of the Public Hearing, Mayor and Council held an unpublicized 'Special Meeting'. At this meeting Mayor and Council nullified the timeline they had previously committed to by postponing the date of the Public Hearing, and resolving to hold a 'binding' sewer referendum in July. Click here to see the minutes of Council s Special Meeting .

Curiously as late as Wednesday, May 23, public notices (likely paid for with residents' tax dollars) were still appearing in community newspapers notifying residents of the Public Hearing scheduled to occur on June 2nd (Interlake Enterprise; Vol 4; Issue 21; pg 23).

2012-06-02-CancellationNotice_02.jpgThe Dunnottar Ratepayers Association believes this delay imposed by Mayor and Council, is a further attempt to confuse residents and thwart the significance of the objection letters received from property owners. (As of June 2nd we understand Village Office has received 802 letters of objection.)

Recognizing Council's attempt to notify residents of the postponement through small notices in local newpapers, the Dunnottar Ratepayers Association was on-hand to receive the approximate 150 residents that arrived, expecting opportunity to speak with Mayor and Council.

Although Council spent considerable effort and expense on communicating the June 2nd date to residents, neither Mayor, Council or Village Office staff were present to offer explanation or respond to questions from concerned residents.

Although there was significant disappointment amongst residents, an opportunity presented for residents to share concern and disgust with Mayor and Council for their lack of respect of residents time, money and effort. Many residents advised they had adjusted plans with family, arranged for care givers, took time away from work, missed children s sporting events, and travelled from Winnipeg and other destinations to attend the Public Hearing postponed by Mayor and Council.

The Dunnottar Ratepayers Association applauds those residents who took the time to meet with us, explain why they supported the sewer, and left with objection letters in hand on account of their disdain with Mayor and Council for their lack of resident respect, and obvious tactics to dodge and delay.
Unlike Mayor and Council everyone in attendance lost yet another beautiful spring day due to Council's obstinate pursuit of costly, environmentally unfriendly, and unnecessary sewers.

Click Here to find out how you can communicate your objection to Mayor and Council

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