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The Dunnottar Ratepayers Association is a grassroots non-profit organization comprised of volunteer permanent and seasonal residents of the Village of Dunnottar, Manitoba, Canada.��

The association serves as an advocacy group with the objective of ensuring that village residents receive responsible governance from those elected over their term.

Principles and Goals:
  • To protect�the interests of�seasonal and permanent residents.
  • To promote the interests of�seasonal and permanent�residents.
  • To�inform�seasonal and permanent residents�on�matters of interest and concern.
  • To represent�seasonal and permanent residents in attempt to ensure�property assessments and taxes are fairly conceived and reasonably distributed.

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Ed Strauman, President

Ed has a long time family presence in Dunnottar, beginning in 1976 when his wife Leslee and he built their cottage in Matlock..

"My presence in Matlock spans 38 years and counting.We always look forward to opening up our cottage for the season as many others do.Our children all grew up as cottagers spending every summer at the beach and having many happy memories.We now have 5 grandchildren who are experiencing the same love of the beach cottage."

"We know there are many others in the village who over the years, share the same feelings towards their cottages and friends as we do."

"Our wish is to keep Dunnottar as an affordable community for all permanent and seasonal families."

And to assure fairness to all residents and to keep out elected officials accountable.

����� Board Members


  • Barry Miller
  • Chris Carlson
  • Linda Rajotte

It is our intention to be�honest and transparent with the community and members we serve.���

Please feel free to contact us if�you have questions or would like further�information.

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