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encountered at Ma-Me-O beach, Alberta when they decided to install a sewer system

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President's Report:

Attention Dunnottar Residents - Special Bulletin Notice

As you may be aware the Village of Dunnottar Council are again pursing funding for a Lower Pressure Sewer System .  It seems the Mayor and Council have a short memory.

The Municipal Board received many phone calls and 897 letters of objection because of the cost to install the system and the maintenance of it.  The main Pipe lines would run down the Front Street or Back lane if the Village Council gets the Funding from all Governments.
The On-Lot Piping, Electrical, etc. would be the responsibility of the Residents and these costs would be in the Thousands of Dollars .  

After the 2012 Referendum was held and residents came out by the Hundreds and the vote was (NO 901 to YES 377).   Now my question is why council is pursuing this Low Pressure Sewer System again when the Majority of Residents said NO?
Keep in mind the current Truck Pump-Out System requires no Long Term Borrowing or Maintenance Costs.

Remember a Low Pressure Sewer System requires a Holding Tank .  Don’t think that the Funding Process will take 20 to 30 years. The Village pursued Sewers in 2006 and were ready to dig in 2012.   The Dunnottar Rate payers Association is asking for another Referendum before Council spends Tax Dollars on Studies again.  A Sewage Advisory Committee was formed and on July 15, 2006 and the committee spoke to the attending residents on these topics:

5.1 Current Private Truck pump-out system 

5.2 Village Owned Truck pump-out system

5.3 Gravity piped system

5.4 Low Pressure System (Not Pursued due to high Capitol and Operating costs)

5.5 Vacuum System  ( Not Pursued due to high Operating Costs , Heavy dependence on automatic Mechanical Valves , concern for cold weather operation.

Ed Strauman


A message to the residents of the Village of Dunnottar.  As your President I would like to let you know that I have attended Village of Dunnottar council meetings over the past summer and into the 2019 winter season.

The Village of Dunnottar council is now in talks pertaining to the 2019 Financial Plan. There are two important dates you should be aware of:

Wednesday March, 6 2019 (10:00 AM)

Wednesday March , 27 2019 (10:00 AM)

The March 27 meeting is a Public Hearing . Please check the Village of Dunnottar web-site for more information.

Also when you attend ask about a copy of the Village of Dunnottar Integrated Community Sustainability
Plan 2018. There are some items in this Booklet that you might find interesting.

Please feel free to contact me about any matter that may arise.

Just to let you know we have also received donations from various residents to our Association.

I also attended the Red River Planning District Open House in East St. Paul and was surprised to see various charts on possible development in Dunnottar.  

You can visit the Red River Planning District web site at:

or click on the following link to download the PDF file from the site:

RRPD Development Plan Review

I can be reached at
or Winnipeg Phone # 204 -667-7199

 Thank You,
 Ed Strauman


JULY 11, 2016

Please have a look at this article from The St. Andrews Record News.

Note the highlighted extra costs asociated with their sewer which does not even mention on lot costs to the homeowner such as a holding  tank, electrical hook up, excavation, etc.


APRIL 12, 2016

I was recently contacted by a couple looking for a cottage lot at Sunset Beach, just north of the Grand Beach area. They were in shock at the sewer and related fees forwarded to them. The fees are as follows:

1. A required fee of $12,500.00 to pay for a low-pressure sewer system.

An option to amortize the $12,500.00 sewer fee over 20 years at $871.07 per year, making the actual cost of sewer fees $17,421.00 per lot.


A $1,500.00 Municipal Permit Fee required by the RM for trenching and hydro connection to on-lot septic pump.

4. The Permit Fee DOES NOT COVER trenching costs, electrical costs, on-lot septic pump costs or on-lot septic tank costs or any other electrical, hydro connection or like fees.

Do not let the pro-sewer lobby in Dunnottar continually downplay the true cost of sewers. The couple I spoke to at Sunset Beach said they were told that $25,000.00 to $30,000.00 were the expected sewer costs if they bought the lot and built a cottage. This couple have now suspended their cottage search in the Sunset Beach area partly due to these high sewer costs.

Yours Truly,

Ed Strauman,

President, Dunnottar Ratepayers Association


The Dunnottar Ratepayers Association has been made aware of a Winnipeg based development group showing interest in pursuing multi-family housing options from Gimli to Matlock.
The DRA has also learned the Dunnottar pro-sewer lobbyists are pursuing a MANDATORY sewer designation for Dunnottar. What this means, is there will be no options to fight the installation of a sewer system as the Province will simply rubber stamp the sewer installation with no public input. We assume the designation of Dunnottar's current pump-out system as a public utility by the Public Utility Board last March is a precursor to having the Province declare sewers mandatory for Dunnottar.
Remember, it was only last Spring that Dunnottar residents were blind-sided by the Public Utility Board ruling that Dunnottar was instituting a flat rate for sewage pick-up. The PUB hearing held last June in Dunnottar was held after the PUB made the decision. Ironically, the PUB told Dunnottar officials to do a better job of informing the public.
On November 27, 2015 I was invited by Mayor Gamble to a COMMUNITY STAKEHOLDERS MEETING. Supposedly, this committee was formed to save municipal operating funds and reduce environmental impacts in the area. With the meeting being only a few minutes old, a permanent resident also asked by Mayor Gamble to attend the meeting, stood up and said Dunnottar needs sewers.
It is obvious that the result of the July 2012 sewer referendum means nothing to those who want to pursue sewers at any cost in Dunnottar. Remember, sewers are needed to allow development in Dunnottar.  Is this what people want for the pristine park-like setting of Dunnottar?
I have recently been contacted by other Ratepayer Associations saying they have concerns about sewer costs and development in their areas. In talking to Ratepayers in West St. Paul and St. Malo, Manitoba, I was given figures between $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 for sewer installation costs.

Ed Strauman,
President, Dunnottar Ratepayers Association

We, at the DRA, are committed to keep Dunnottar residents informed on local issues.

PUB_letter.pdf  [67.48K]

Referendum Results - July 2012

Referendum Question� Yes �No
"Do you support the installation of a low pressure
sewer system as proposed by the Village of
Dunnottar Borrowing By-Law No. 891/12"
377 � 901
29.5% �70.5%

With the conclusion of the by-election and referendum, the Dunnottar Ratepayers Association kindly requests residents remove the red and white signs from their property.� Removal of signs will help restore community harmony and enable everyone to enjoy a well deserved summer.�


June 2, 2012�- The Public Hearing that�Never Was

2012-06-02-CancellationNotice_01_Thmb.jpg On May 25, 2012�Mayor and Council held a 'Special Meeting' to postpone the public hearing scheduled to occur on June 2nd.�

Approximately 150 residents arrived on June 2nd expecting to meet with Mayor and Council to discuss their concerns.�

Residents�arriving were disgusted with the lack of respect for their time, effort and money spent to attend the meeting. �Click here to read more.��

May 9,�2012��Are�You Uncertain�About the Low�Pressure Sewer?


Village�Council is again pursuing a costly, unnecessary and environmentally unfriendly low pressure sewer system.

If you are uncertain or confused by documents and information Council has provided, we strongly encourage you to spend 25 minutes and watch our informative and objective video.

To watch the video
click here or click�anywhere on�the image to the left.

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